This is the End… the end, my friend the end.

anomaly photographer

Photos of the works of people in the Visual Arts class 2013. Marianne, Kya, Jasmin, Adiel, Sarah, and myself.

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Tribute to photographer Murray Fredericks


recently I watched a documentary about Australian Photographer Murray Fredericks.

25081I was quite enthralled at the way he was so clear in what it was he wanted to capture.. which seemed to be a landscape without any sort of feature that we as humans would usually use to gain any sort of bearings.

fredericks_1It was about losing ones self in the world. quite fascinating. Fredericks went to some pretty isolated and bleak featureless places, including Lake Eyre and Greenland, and camped for some time awaiting perfect conditions. FredericksMSalt133Here is a small selection of his work, and a pic I took near Weribee, Victoria, inspired by his work.





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CCE Piece 2, Collaborative Art

Collaborative Art

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Visit my Groups Virtual Gallery!

Please visit the gallery and see a selection of work by myself, Sarah, Dom, and Falen! Click on this link…

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Andrew McKenzie – Painter, Printmaker

Andrew McKenzie is a Scottish artist who raises important questions about how we relate to our surroundings, and how we construct our view of landscape, both literally and philosophically.

Andrew-Mackenzie-Silver-Between-the-Falls-2 Andrew-Mackenzie-Silver-Between-the-Falls-3 Andrew-Mackenzie-Silver-Between-the-Falls-5

“Complex networks of artificially lit trees are covered by geometric slashes in toxic bright colour…. Mackenzie debunks the myth of the perfect unspoiled landscape. Flat white bands and geometric lines create a tension between the surface of the painted object and the depth created by diffused layers of thin paint; this broken up approach recalls the Cubist approach to painting space as it is really perceived – not in single point, linear perspective but as a series of constantly shifting viewpoints.” Rosie Lesso, 2012

His work is somewhat reminiscent of another artists work whom I have been looking at, which is that of Reginald S Aloysius.

AB_4009_graphite_drawing_enamel_and_oilReginald S Aloysius gaius_and_jerwood_0511Reginald S Aloysius Gate_18_2Reginald S Aloysius

Reginald Aloysius’s explores themes of globalisation and modernisation. Detailed drawings of his native South Indian Hindu temples are examples of Dravidian architecture looming out from the undergrowth, overlaid with aircraft flight plans; a scarring that mirrors the irreparable change that an evolving society can have on ancient tradition. Reginald studied at the Ruskin School of Art.

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Artist Charles Avery

Charles Avery creates his drawings of enigmatic groups of figures by starting from one area of the body, often a nose, and working outwards from there until a character is created. Each subsequent figure is created in reaction to the previous one until a narrative begins to emerge. Avery puts most detail into the faces and hands of his figures, as he views these as vital for expression. The left-hand edge of this drawing reveals that it has been neatly removed from a spiral-bound pad. However, this is not a preparatory sketch for a painting, as Avery views drawing as important in its own right and uses it as a way to encourage the viewer to interact. He explains, ‘Drawing puts much more trust in the viewer. Drawing is a form of writing, it’s a telling medium and people get involved in it.’ 4673

GMA 4673 GMA 4837 GMA 4999

I recently saw some work by this artist at a show at the RMIT gallery and it caught my attention. I like the mix of the traditional attention to detail with the artists own style.

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Printmaker and artist – Graeme Todd

Whilst out and about recently I was delighted to stumble upon some work that I just had to see more of. The work was by artist Graeme Todd.  From Andrew Mummery – ‘Blank Frank’ press release…..”Todd’s works are painted palimpsests, the scoured surfaces of which, slashed, spattered and stained, are covered with bravura, non-hierarchical patterning that enables us to read back through the many different strata that the artist creates with pen, ink, paint and varnish on plywood and mdf supports. The stains of scattered poppy seeds litter his logbook of half forgotten, deep frozen, opium tinged dreams. Todd’s surfaces communicate an idea of space rather than being a literal representation of it. His spatial schemes subvert conventional relationships of scale by simultaneously employing the microscopic and the cosmic, combining substrata and extensions of infinite space.”
graeme todd MSG-TODDG-00052_30013757690107661375769001633

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A room without a view – Gosia Wlodarczac


I had a chance to see the room that artist Gosia Wlodarczac was enclosed for 17 days to draw what she could see around her. despite the sensory deprivation….it seems that may have been quite a lot, as the walls were covered with marks.


According to the artist, the project uses the language of drawing to investigate what she describes as “an ongoing search for the reassurance, for the ‘material proof’ of my existence.”


“Isolation can distort my everyday perception of time-space which I see as always crossed/overlapped with time-spaces of others. During my short isolation I am going to probe and examine the effects of loneliness within the drawing and the possible mutation of conversation with my inner-self,” Gosia says.


“My aim is to create a new drawn reality, as tangible as the line structure can be. Gradually, as it organically expands across the wall of the room, I will live inside the drawing.”

From Gosia Wlodarczak interview with Vincent O’Donnell Arts Alive!on itunes.


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Peter Ellis, Selected Drawings


A Little while ago I popped in to the RMIT Gallery and had a look at the exhibition by Peter Ellis – A head in a hive of bees, selected drawings.


Well, there was so much to look at! literally hundreds of drawings and sketches. Most fantastical animal like creatures, or just squiggles…Quite fascinating. I could have spent a long time just browsing and wandering around looking at the quirky drawings. There were some artists books also… well worth the visit.


I think it was good for me to visit, to understand that not every entry into a visual diary has to be refined. Often it is the small parts that make up the sum that can all work together to make a body of work.

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